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Bulbasaur Planters

Add something different to your garden!


Made from ABS plastic in the colour of your choice.

Complete with a hole in the bottom to let excess water drain out.


These planters come in three sizes.


  • Small - 72mm wide x 80mm long x 67mm high
  • Medium - 82mm wide x 92mm long x 76mm high
  • Large - 90mm wide x 103mm x 83mm high


Can be printed in a range of colours.

These will be printed as ordered, so there will be up to a seven day lead time before they're posted.

Select the size & colour you'd like from the drop down menu & the price will be adjusted to suit.


Plants in picture not included.


** Please note that there may be some slight differences in colours due to different monitor settings. **


Thank you to LeoDuhVinci & Thingiverse for this design.


Bulbasaur Planter High Res by LeoDuhVinci

Published on January 13, 2015