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Deluxe Caravan Fridge Fan Kit compatible with Thetford Vents

SKU: 4004

Tired of your 3 way fridge not coping with hotter weather?

Our dual fan mod for Thetford vents can make a big difference!

This system fits Thetford upper vents that measure 480mm x 185mm & have a fridge exhaust outlet on the RHS.




Please read important notes at the bottom of this page before ordering!


The fitting of heat extracting fans to improve the efficiency of an absorption fridge is not a new idea,so what's different about the 3DprintCQ fridge fan system?


  • Thermostat backup switch in the unlikely event of thermostat failure.  Peace of mind!


  • Neat, professional finish.


  • No parasitic drain from electronic thermostats.  System only draws power when fridge is running.


  • 3D printed mounting plates enclose the vent, increasing efficiency by preventing air flow recirculation & make a neat & simple job of mounting the fans.


  • Simple connector system allows vent to be easily removed for maintenance.


  • Reverse power protection built in.


  • We've used quiet & efficient brushless fans that move up to 1367L/min EACH!  If you want to remove heat, airflow is the key.
  • Mounting of the fans is neat & simple using 3D printed mounting plates.
  • High quality, efficient & dust resistant fans are used (IP54).
  • Low current draw  (0.3 amps in total).
  • Stainless nyloc mounting hardware is used to mount fans to printed plates - no rust.
  • Unobtrusive visual indication that fans are turned on using a single blue led. No power wasted on  massive led lighting.
  • Uses a simple thermo switch to turn fans on & off.  Simple & reliable.
  • Simply requires 12v to be provided to the connector on the fan mounting plates.  All other wiring is done.
  • System is fully tested before being sent to you.
  • No drilling required to mount thermo switch or fans.
  • 12 months warranty.



The kit comes with quiet, high quality, brushless fans that draw 0.3 amps in total.


Installation is as simple as:


  • Removing the vent.
  • Gluing the mounting plates on with silicon.
  • Mounting the thermo switch onto a pipe at the back of the fridge using zip ties
  • Connecting the fans to your van battery management system.
  • Refitting the vent with the fans fitted.


The thermo switch automatically turns the fans on when the fridge pipe gets hot from normal operation.

An unobtrusive blue LED shines through the vent to indicate when the fans are on.


Detailed, step by step instructions with photos are provided & include my phone number for support.

Any questions prior to purchase of a kit will be promptly answered using our contact page.

  • These fans require 58 mm of clearance from the front of the vent shroud to enable them to fit.  Please see pic for clarification.


  • This fan system is specifically designed to fit the smaller upper Thetford vents with an exhaust outlet for the fridge on the RHS, as used on smaller caravans & campers.  Dimensions of these vents are 480mm x 185mm.


  • Fans must be installed in the upper vent, not the lower.


  • The vents shown in the pictures are not supplied.  The fan mounting plates supplied in the kit are glued to your existing vent.


  • Installation of these fans is simple, but a power supply is required for them to operate.  Wiring will need to be installed from the van electrical system to the vent.  5 meters of wire is included.  We don't recommend connecting directly to the battery as this will bypass any battery low voltage protection devices in your van.


  • If you are unsure how to install this wiring, please consult with your local auto electrician or caravan repair shop.


  • Detailed installation instructions are included.