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I designed this Pan/tilt for use on my robot (FRED).

The pan base is supported by plastic bearings & the tilt servo is geared to the top shaft, rather than the more common direct drive.


The advantage of gearing the tilt is threefold:

  • Greater torque available due to 2.7/1 gear ratio,
  • Main shaft is supported by two ball bearings.
  • Servo backlash is reduced by factor of 2.7, less any slop in the printed gears (minimal)


The pan section is direct drive, but is supported by plastic bearings, removing excessive side loads from the pan servo.


Overall result is a strong & stable pan/tilt mount.


Control of the two servos is via RC interface or microcontroller.

This is my design & files have been shared on Thingiverse.


Please note: 

Nuts are provided in the tilt platform (3mm nylock), but no other hardware is supplied.

  • Material of manufacture:  ABS plastic
  • Base & uprights infil: 50%
  • Tilt shaft, main gear & pinion infill:  solid
  • Overall height:  76mm
  • Height, bottom of base to top of tilt: 51mm
  • Base dimensions:  71.5mm x 55.8mm
  • Base mounting holes positioning: 56mm x 46.5mm
  • Tilt head mounting holes: 26.5 x 29mm
  • Weight: 125 grams
  • Pan servo, direct: Turnigy™ TGY-4409MD DS/MG 9.45kg / 0.11sec
  • Tilt servo, geared: Corona 939MG Digital Metal Gear  2.7kg /0.13sec
  • Tilt gear ratio: 2.7/1
  • Tilt shaft bearings: 2 x MR106 with rubber seals
  • Base mounting holes: 3mm counterbored for socket head
  • Tilt platform mountings:  3mm captive stainless nylock nut


If more information is required, please contact me via my contact page.