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Labelled Flush Mounting for 50 Amp Connector

SKU: 2005

Design your own label on our Flush Mount 50 Amp plug cover!
Choose the colours & text (up to six characters) of your choice.

These are designed & printed as a one off design, so price is higher.

This is a fully enclosed flush mount cover for 50 Amp connectors.
Mounting covers the wires & connector.

My van came with a cigarette lighter socket for the solar connection.
This wasn't adequate for my purpose & I couldn't find a neat mounting for a 50 Amp connector.

This cover will replace the flush mount cigarette lighter used on some vans.
Also great for mounting a 50 Amp connector to a flat surface without the wires showing.

3D printed using High Impact ABS & supplied with Stainless steel mounting screws.

50 Amp connector isn't included, but can be ordered here.
Red T-handle isn't included, but can be ordered here.


98mm long x 71mm wide x 28mm high

Made from High impact ABS plastic.

Supplied screws protrude 8mm from the bottom of the mounting.


You will receive:

8G x 19mm stainless self tapping screws x 5

Stainless plug retaining bolt & nut x 1

50A Anderson flush mount as per your design. 


Please note!

Anderson SB50 connector & T-handle are not included.