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Who is 3DprintCQ?

How we started

I first became interested in 3D printing when I found a website called "Thingiverse".

I found a really awesome design to print, but had no way to do so.

So I bought a 3D printer.

My love of 3D printing grew from then on.

I always liked to make things on my lathe or mill, but it was slow work.

With a 3D printer, I can create complex designs & print them in far less time.

3DprintCQ is a natural progression from a passion to a business.

What can 3DprintCQ offer?


Based in Central Queensland (hence the CQ in our name), we can provide 3D printing of your design in a fast & friendly manner.

We also print a variety of customisable designs which are available in our webshop.

Design services are also available.  Contact us for more info.

Checkout is secure & various payment options are available.